Our Story…Part 1

There are many ideas of what a “homestead” is or is not.

What is should or should not include.

Some think it means you are completely “off the grid”.

Others feel it means you raise all your own food.

I’ve heard it said that to be a true homesteader, you must do everything the “old fashioned way”.

foggy field2

I know for us it means, “We’d rather do it at home ‘stead of going out.”

I’ve always had a love for gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, crafting, animals and learning the skills my Appalachian heritage is known for.  These things come as naturally to me as breathing.  It’s part of my DNA.  It nourishes my soul.

Early Cabbage

Ten years ago we left the ever growing suburbs and purchased land in the northern part of the state.  Seven acres in God’s country.  Plans of gardens, orchards, and the like were under way.

First Fruits - Copy

Then the unthinkable…

The economy takes a turn for the worst.  And times get hard.  Things get tight.  It’s all our two incomes can do to stay afloat.  We had no choice but to do it at home ‘stead of going out.

We made it through that valley. And old habits of eating out crept back in.  Life was back to normal.

Or so we thought.

That’s when the doctor gave my husband the diagnosis of cancer.

And we began to REALLY educate ourselves on the food that nourishes our bodies.  The harmful effects of chemicals, over processing and other additives in our modern American diet.

It’s when we got real about being “home insteaders”.

Fireside Cornbread

Stay tuned for Part 2.